In addition to those who created and operated a chat room called Dr. Bang, anyone who paid for it and watched a sexual exploitation video is also subject to investigation. They paid for cryptocurrency at the entrance fee and entered the telegram chat room, but the police recently seized the search to secure a list of people who sent the cryptocurrency to the management.

This is an exclusive report by Jeong Ban-seok.

<Reporter> The SBS coverage confirmed that the police seized and searched for the domestic cryptocurrency exchange B last week and secured a partial list of members who sent cryptocurrency to the doctor's room.

Dr. Jo Joo-bin, the operator of the doctor's room, operates three-level chat rooms by level, and has received cryptocurrencies worth 200,000 won, 700,000 won, and 1.5 million won, respectively.

Members who do not know how to use cryptocurrencies are asked to send cash to B's domestic bank account.

[Park Hyeong-jin / Digital Funeral Director: We have contacted the doctor once The doctor introduced the coin agency. Because it was promoted by depositing money through coin agencies ... ]

Based on the list of members secured by the cryptocurrency exchange, the police check their accurate personal information, the number of remittances, and the amount of remittance.

[Virtual Currency Exchange Official: I noticed that orders were coming to us from the doctor's room in December last year… We have been working closely and providing a lot of data. This is a prize that received a warrant from the Seoul National Police Agency last week and provided about 2,000 transactions that could be related to the doctor's side.]

Even if you have a video of sexual exploitation of a minor, you will be punished.

There are also opinions that the charges against the production of sexual exploitation are established as much as the money is paid after knowing the intention of production.

[Oh Sun-hee Oh / Women's Human Rights Committee: If you were involved in the contents of the production through chat, etc., it was an accomplice to the crime of production. Because ... ]

The police will first investigate these members as soon as the identity of those who sent the virtual currency to the doctor's room is verified.

(Video coverage: Yongjin Joo, Video editing: Jaesung Lee)

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