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Risto Mejide has once again put himself in front of Everything is a lie without leaving his home. The host of the Cuatro space shared his opinion on King Felipe VI's speech on Thursday, March 19. The monarch had addressed the Spaniards on Wednesday night with a message about the situation caused by the coronavirus in the country.

Coronavirus: full message of King Felipe VI

The publicist started with a question: "Was it necessary, Your Majesty?" He was very critical and pointed out that the words of the Royal House were "as empty in the background as they are over-shaped." He said the monarch had treated the citizens " as if we were idiots or had all six years."

The presenter indicated that the king could have discussed another topic. He suggested that he tell a story that started like this: " Once upon a time there was an emeritus who allegedly had 100 million in Switzerland, who would have earned with the sweat of others, who would now come to us who weren't even painted to spend on masks or healthcare."

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The Catalan made reference to the inheritance that Felipe VI renounced days ago: "What if instead of resigning it is donated precisely to those who need it most at the moment? They would be much more useful and credible gestures than those that we gave away last night on television. "

Risto made a comparison between the Crown and bullfighting, speaking of the rejection they generate: "With the Royal Family it happens to me as with bulls. As 'anti' as it may be, as long as they are legal I have to eat them ." He settled the subject saying: "If the monarchy is not useful, unless it does not remind us of it in 'prime time'".

Some of the collaborators of Todo es mentira also spoke and spoke of the king's speech on the program. The journalist Ana Pardo de Vera said about it: " Felipe VI was talking about his cakes and people wanted to hear him talk about bread."

" There is a before and after for the monarchy. I think that after this situation they will see what are the priorities of Spain and surely the Royal Family will not be among them," said the party.

Plagiarism accusations

The king's speech was widely commented on social media on Wednesday night. Among the many messages that could be read in this regard, a paragraph of Las palmeras , a book by Jimina Sabadú, in which words very similar to those pronounced by Felipe VI , went viral.

From the Cuatro program they contacted the writer to discuss this topic. She intervened by telephone and took it with humor that there were people who considered that the monarch had plagiarized his publication.

The author explained: "I took three fragments of Felipe VI's speech in October 2017 and used it for the book, since this was not considered plagiarism".

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