Starting today (19th), everyone entering Korea must go through a special entry procedure. You have to be tested for fever and revealing your health, but there are a lot of people coming in, so there is a shortage of airport clinic facilities.

This was covered by reporter Hong Young-jae.


Immigrants from Germany submit a health questionnaire and undergo a fever test at the first quarantine.

If suspected symptoms are detected, such as a body temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees, go through the second quarantine and undergo a corona19 test at a screening clinic.

Special quarantine procedures have begun for all immigrants from today, following the arrivals from Europe on the 16th.

However, immigrants who have fever or have symptoms such as cough and runny nose sit in front of the screening clinic.

[European symptomatic entrant from Europe (speech judgment): 20 ~ 30 people? (Corona 19) There were a lot of people yesterday, even if they were waiting for sample collection. I waited about 3 hours yesterday.)

The symptoms are mixed among immigrants, but the infection may spread.

Immigration officials say there are temporary partitions inside the screening clinic, but virtually no separate containment space.

[European symptomatic immigrants: Because there aren't many places in the quarantine facility (at the airport), people who own their own cars should be self contained. That's why I asked if I could use the solitary (on the airport side) because I said there was a lot of family members and I wasn't in isolation.

The screening clinic needs to separate the space of the bequest box and the treatment space, but there is not enough facilities to isolate all the surging bequest boxes.

[Kim Sang-hee / Incheon Airport Quarantine Director: Some (Europe) flights have entered 300 people, and 99 people are investigating them as bequest boxes.

Because of this, they have had symptoms and have been tested, but they may have a confirmed decision to return home before the results are released.

In the past five days, the government is also considering ways to self-isolate all immigrants after 16 confirmed persons have emerged during the quarantine process.

(Video coverage: Hyun-Cheol Park, Video editing: Moo-Hwan Jo, CG: Ye-Jin Hwang)