Nationwide, the number of patients increased by 152 days. The additional confirmers for the day exceeded 100 again in five days. Let's take a closer look at each region. More and more people have been confirmed at Daegu Nursing Hospital, and more than 10 confirmed patients have come from Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Gyeongbuk. As you can see, the number is increasing again in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region, where it seems like it was going to fall, but in Daegu, eight people were confirmed at the general hospital.

Reporter Im Tae-woo.


There are two general hospitals in Daegu where a collective infection occurred.

At Fatima Hospital, yesterday (17th), the 81-year-old woman was first confirmed, and 4 patients and 1 nurse were additionally confirmed.

Two patients in their 80s and 60s were also confirmed in the Daegu Catholic University Hospital.

It was the first group infection at the general hospital in Daegu.

[Daegu Catholic University officials: (confirmed patient) During the hospital stay, no symptoms related to corona19 were reported. During the final examination at discharge, a positive corona19 appeared ... .]

Daegu City is investigating over 390 high-risk groups. Today, 7 confirmed patients, including 3 medical staff, from 5 locations.

[Kwon Young-jin / Daegu Mayor: I would like to actively review the legal measures against the person in charge when the spread of large-scale infectious diseases is confirmed by negligence of management of facilities and hospitals.]

At Hansarang Hospital, where 75 people were infected, 51 out of 57 confirmed patients were transferred to Daegu Medical Center today.

Daegu City plans to finalize the 70% high-risk facility transfer investigation by this week, but it is likely that there will be additional confirmers from the rest of the facilities.

(Video coverage: Sangho Lee TBC, Choi Sangbo TBC, video editing: Seunghee Lee)