In Daegu, where coronavirus infection-19 (Corona 19) spreads, the first cohort quarantine was carried out in Korea.

Cohort quarantine is a quarantine measure that isolates people who have been exposed to a particular disease in a group, or cohort.

It has been estimated that 46 people have been confirmed in this apartment, which owns 142 people in 100 households owned by Daegu City.

In Daegu City today (7th), a cohort of patients confirmed corona 19 occurred in Hanmaeum Apartment, a rental apartment in Daegu Welfare Center in Dalseo-gu.

Daegu City sent a text message yesterday (6th) to control access to apartment residents and to control delivery and delivery.

Fourteen of those confirmed were taken to hospital, and 32 were hospitalized.

Authorities say an in-depth investigation into the presence of a large number of confirmers at the apartment confirmed that 94 of the tenants were members of the church.

The apartment is located near Munseong Hospital in Nam-gu, Daegu, where 10 confirmed patients recently.

Under cohort containment, residents and outsiders are not allowed at this time.

A municipal lease apartment housed in the General Welfare Center, which consists of two 5-story buildings with 137 households and 141 people.

Unmarried female workers under the age of 35 are eligible to move in.

Residents said they heard the apartment broadcast 'Don't go to work.

Residents received a text message last month from the authorities saying they have confirmed patients.

On the 4th of April, a sample of corona 19 infection was collected and epidemiological investigations were conducted.

Authorities have been struggling to sort patients and manage contacts after recent outbreaks of corona 19 infection in the country.

As a result, the cohort quarantine is expected to be moderated in the event of a confirmed patient in the group.

The psychiatric ward in Qingdao Daenam Hospital was co-contained. Recently, 581 facilities for the elderly, the disabled, mental health, and child-care centers were prevented in Gyeongbuk Province.

(Photo = Yonhap News)