No single resident in this apartment had Corona19. It means that only people in Shinchonji exchanged illness. I'm investigating how I lived and how the disease spread in the meantime. In addition, in Daegu City, there are only 10 places where Shincheonji members live in groups, and further investigation is underway.

I'm Jung Sung-jin.


The total number of residents in Hanmaeum Apartment, which had been co-contained in quarantine, was 142, of whom nearly 66 percent were Shincheonji members.

There were 46 confirmees inside the apartment complex, none of whom were ordinary residents and all were members of the church.

Although there were cases where the general residents and Shincheonji checkers lived in the same household at the rental apartment, no general residents have been confirmed to date.

Daegu City said that since the first visitor was confirmed in the apartment, self-isolation of residents in the apartment, including close contacts, has begun.

Nevertheless, since the average incubation period of five days has passed since last month 26, there have been continuous contacts among congregation members in the apartment, with the addition of 16 new church members.

[Kim Jong-yeon / Daegu Deputy Director, Infectious Disease Management Support Group: I doubt there was any contact between Shinchon members in the apartment.]

As of today's (7th) 0am, there are more than 4,200 patients, 63%, related to Shinchonji Church.

In particular, Daegu City said that it is conducting an epidemiological investigation by identifying 10 suspected Shincheon area group residences based on the secured list of members of the Daegu Church.

The weight of the possibility that the Xintiandi- dent population served as a path of infection.

[Kim Jong-yeon / Daegu Deputy Director, Infectious Disease Management Support Group: I think it is an important clue to explain why the spread is so high among members of the Shinchon region.]

Xintiandi released today's clarification data and insisted that the apartment is not a Sincheonji collective facility.

(Video coverage: Bae Munsan, Video editing: Honhee)