In Busan, high school girls were infected while taking a class. Although the school has delayed opening, many schools are not closed, so I was worried about the infection.

This is reporter Seo Dong-kyun.


The door of an English school in Dongnae, Busan is closed tightly.

This is because a high school girl who received one-on-one lessons with this instructor was judged to be corona19 positive.

I had classes on the last 22 days, and the instructor was positive three days later and the high school girl was tested one week later.

This high school girl, after attending school, met her friends at school and was confirmed that she attended another mathematics school.

Concerns about school infection have become a reality.

Although the school delayed the opening of the school for two weeks due to the corona 19 incident, the school closed after the last week's closing and the number of normal operation is increasing again.

Last week, nearly half of the schools and classrooms joined the park, but this week is open.

In Gyeonggi-do, seven to eight out of ten schools are operating normally, with 40% more schools opening than last week.

There is a concern about collective infection, but the government cannot force a private academy to be closed.

Schools also have a problem with their livelihoods, and they are having a hard time closing.

[Admissions school president: a little lower rent for the building. Instruct the instructors to pay (pay) (to support)]

Seven superintendents from all over the country urged the government to come up with measures to prevent damage from the schools that are closed, in order to have an effect on postponing school opening.

(Video coverage: Shin Dong Hwan and Kyung Kyung Moon, Video editing Choi Hye Young)