The Central Defense Agency said 376 additional cases of coronavirus-19 (corona 19) confirmed in Korea as of 9 am.

The number of domestic confirmations has increased to 3,526.

359 of the 376 new applicants came from Daegu and Gyeongbuk.

There are 333 Daegu and 26 Gyeongbuk.

In addition, five new applicants from Seoul, 5 from Chungnam, 3 from Gyeongnam, 2 from Gyeonggi, 1 from Busan and 1 from Chungbuk.

As new examiners concentrated in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, the cumulative number of confirmed patients in the region increased to 383.

There are 2569 Daegu and 514 Gyeongbuk.

Cumulative confirmations by region were 84 in Gyeonggi, 82 in Seoul, 81 in Busan, 62 in Gyeongnam, 60 in Chungnam, 17 in Ulsan, 13 in Daejeon, 11 in Chungbuk, 9 in Gwangju, 7 in Gangwon, 6 in Incheon, and 6 in Jeonbuk. Five people, three Jeonnam, two Jeju, one Sejong.

As of the morning before, there were 1,557 people who confirmed Shincheonji Daegu Church and 119 who confirmed Qingdao University Hospital.

Confirmers added after the previous afternoon were not yet classified in the path of infection and were not included in the count.

As of the previous day, 17 people died.

The number of confirmed quarantine releases has been increased to 30, with two more (57 years old and 76 years old).

More than 96,000 people were tested for Corona19 diagnostics.

93,000459 were screened, except 3526 confirmed.

Of these, 61,37 were identified as 'voice'.

The remaining 32,422 people are undergoing testing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announces the status of Corona 19 patients twice a day at 10 am (9 am) and 5 pm (at 4 pm).