▲ Firefighters rush to prevent the spread of Corona 19

The number of cases of new coronavirus infections (Corona 19) is increasing rapidly in Gyeongbuk, and the number of cases in which one family is being confirmed is increasing.

With more than 500 confirmed patients, patients related to Shinchonji Church will continue in the center of Gyeongsan.

According to Gyeongbuk Province on the 1st, a 45-year-old boy living with his parents in Gyeongsan was confirmed as corona19 on 29th last month.

It is the youngest in the country.

The baby, born January 15, 2020, has been living with her mother (30) and Uiseong's grandmother's home since the 22nd of last month.

The baby's mother also tested positive for corona 19 and confirmed the hat at the same time.

The baby mother was postpartum cooking with her child in Uiseong, her uncle.

The child's dad was already confirmed yesterday.

In Pohang, a couple in their thirties and a three-year-old son came out positive.

My father was confirmed on the 27th of last month and my mother and son on the 29th.

In addition, four family members, including a couple in their 50s and two daughters in their 20s, were infected with Corona 19.

In Gumi, three Shinchon branch church members were confirmed in succession.

In Sangju, her mother, three-year-old and five-year-old sons were also confirmed on the 27th after her mother was positive on the 24th of last month.

In Gumi Samsung's second plant, additional patrons came out and closed the second plant to disinfect. One of the employees at Hana Bank's Gumi LG Display branch was also confirmed and part of the plant was closed.

At the Gyeongsan Semyung Hospital, a physician was confirmed, and at the Chilgok Camp Carol, one Korean worker came out positive.

Gimcheon Correctional Institution is confirmed by 28 prisoners in progress.

According to Gyeongbuk-do, as of 11 am on this day, the number of corona19 confirmers was 544 (105 based on Gyeongbuk's own counting), 105 more than the previous day.

The number of confirmed patients related to Shinchonji Church is increasing rapidly, especially in Gyeongsan.

Among the confirmed people in Gyeongbuk, Shincheonji Church has 196 members, far more than Qingdao Daenam Hospital.

148 people including Shinchonji church members, 25 contacts, and the first confirmation are 23 Milal Love Houses (Severe Disabled Facilities) related to Shinchonji Church.

Among the 773 people contacted by Daegu's first confirmation, No.31 and Shincheon-ji Daegu Church, Gyeongsan has the highest number of 555.

Of the 31 contacts, there were 115 confirmations and more than half of them were 73.

The total confirmation of Gyeongsan is 145 people.

The province completed 77.4% (567 people) of 6,549 people, including 5,269 Shintoji church members and 1,280 preliminary members.

210 members said they have symptoms.

237 people are waiting for the test results and plan to finish all soon.

The Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency confirmed the location of 337 Shincheonji members who were not contacted during the inspection process or whose location was notified.

Lee Chul-woo, Governor of Gyeongbuk Province, said, “The number of confirmed patients has increased significantly, and at least 40% are related to the Shinchonji Church in Gyeongsan.

He also said that 20s and 30s of those who make up more than 30% will not be allowed to engage in college activities until the end of the Corona 19 crisis.

Doo plans to recommend 689 Chinese students who have not yet entered the country in consultation with the school.

In Changzhou Red Cross Hospital, 24 Daegu confirmed patients who failed to find a hospital bed were transferred the day before and 30 people will be moved on this day.

The Daegu Red Cross Hospital will be sent to Daegu confirmers from this day.

Both hospitals will be hospitalized by cod checkers.

In response to the resignation of 16 nurses from Pohang Medical Center, Doo volunteered to volunteer to the Nurses Association and suggested support to the government.

The Central Accident and Welfare Center provided 20 sound pressure units to Gimcheon Medical Center, one doctor and 15 nurses to Andong Medical Center, and 15 nurses to Pohang Medical Center.

Many of the nurses are newlyweds and young people, and if they take care of a confirmed patient, they can't go home for more than a month.

Ahn Hye-jeong, the head of the Pohang Time and Social Affairs Committee, asked for the participation of a former nurse as the number of patients continued to suffer.

In response, the Pohang Time and Society released a letter from President Ahn and began recruiting former nurses to help them at screening clinics.

(Photo = Yonhap News)