Daegu City surveyed the list of Shincheon Daegu churches, and found that not only church members but also trainees were confirmed with coronavirus infection-19 (corona 19).

According to the Daegu City, a telephone survey was conducted on 1,983 members of the church and trainees of the Daegu Church in Sincheonji, which were added to the management the day before.

For 279 people who cannot make a call, the police know where to go.

Of the 1,704 people who completed the telephone survey, many are self-contained, and 38 have been confirmed by a sample test.

In addition, 18 foreigners, including Chinese (3), were included in the list.

Daegu City said, "The people who were confirmed in the telephone survey included not only members but also trainees."

Currently, the city manages 1,252 church members and trainees in Daegu.

Daegu completed the inspection of 1,193 and 1,93 cases of close contact with patient 31 out of the 8,269 church members identified previously.

We have also initiated a full-scale investigation of the 6,000 remaining Shinchon members who are self-contained and expect to complete the sample test as early as this week.

An official from Daegu said, "We will promptly quarantine any additional identified members and trainees and conduct samples at an early date."

(Photo = Yonhap News)