Citroën comes with a new electric city car called Ami. This name was previously used between 1961 and 1979. Today's Ami achieves a maximum of 45 kilometers per hour, which means that you can hit the road with a moped license as a sixteen-year-old.

The Citroën Ami measures only 2.41 meters in length and is therefore shorter than the first Smart ForTwo. The car is 1.39 meters in width, not including mirrors, also very narrow.

The Ami is equipped with a battery pack of 5.5 kWh, which brings the car around 70 kilometers away. Charging is possible at the regular socket and takes 3 hours. Due to the small battery pack and the compact dimensions, the Citroën only weighs 485 kilos.

The inside of the car is spartan, just like in the Citroën 2CV from that time. The windows can only be opened, exactly as with the 'Duck'. Your smartphone acts as an infotainment system of the car via an App. That way you can see how far you can drive.

The new Citroën Ami is coming to the Netherlands halfway next year. In France, the car, excluding subsidy, costs 7,000 euros. The car can also be obtained through a private lease. Then you drive the Ami for around 20 euros a month. It is not yet known what the model will cost in the Netherlands and whether it will also be available via hire-purchase.

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