In Daegu, where the number of patients increased rapidly, about 270 people, including public health doctors and military medical personnel, were dispatched four days ago. We are engaged in a war to prevent the spread. We volunteered to run to Daegu and listened to a medical staff in charge of field epidemiology.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-rae.


Kim Myung-jae of Public Health came to Daegu voluntarily while working at Mokpo Prison.

[Kim, Myung-Jae / Public Health: With the idea of ​​helping you as soon as possible… My parents told me to go and have a good time instead.

Currently, I am in charge of epidemiological investigations of the clinicians and contacts at the Daegu City Hall.

[Kim, Myung-Jae / Public Health: If you walk around wearing a protective suit, it's more dangerous that the civil complaints come in… .]

In the case of epidemiological investigations, it is important that the honest answers of patients are important.

[Kim, Myung-Jae / Public Health: 'I did not spread, but where did I come from?'

It is also important to follow the self-containment rules.

[Kim, Myung-Jae / Public Health: Keep asking me, 'Can I bring you something?'

Even medical staff are in a tight situation, so the government's systematic support is urgently needed.

[Kim Myung-Jae / Public Health: It's our N95 mask. There is a lack of such autonomous district, and it is demanding immediately immediately.]

Volunteer cooperation and support from citizens is a strength for medical staff volunteering to the dangerous site.

[Kim Myung-Jae / Public Health: Do not worry too much, do not worry too much, please trust me and help a lot… .]

(Video Editing: Lee Seung Jin)