Today, the largest number of patients today (26 days) and the total number of patients exceeded 1,200, the government has closed all children's homes in the future. He also asked me to refrain from gatherings and social gatherings.

Reporter will tell about this.


On the 23rd, the national kindergarten and elementary and high school have been delayed for a week, and the national daycare center will be closed from tomorrow until next month 8th.

[Kim Kang-rip / Ministry of Health and Welfare Deputy Minister: It means to refrain from moving as much as possible for the purpose of quarantine, and especially for families that can take care of children in order to minimize child infection.

However, the government plans to minimize teachers' care gaps by assigning teachers even during the closing hours.

In urgent care, teachers should also take measures to prevent infections, such as going to work as usual and disinfecting internal facilities.

Guardians who are employees can take advantage of the Family Care Leave and Childcare Shortage System.

As Corona 19 spreads, 75% of the nation's daycare centers are already closed.

The government also recommended delaying or canceling one-time crowded events.

[Kim Kang-rip / Ministry of Health and Welfare Deputy Minister: We recommend delaying or canceling events in which many are concentrated in narrow and confined spaces.

Events involving more than 1,000 people must be reported to local governments. If local governments determine that there is a high risk of prevention, they may also require the ban of events.

The government also refrained from social gatherings, dinners, and trips, and advised seniors and pregnant women to refrain from accessing multi-use facilities such as theaters.

In the meantime, the Catholic Church of Korea decided to stop all masses attended by believers from the parish nationwide for the first time in the history of Catholicism in Korea.

(Image editing: Hwang Ji-young)