For everyone's health and safety, it's important to make everything transparent now. However, even after being confirmed, there was a case of hiding his family from Shinchonji church.

That's why the family has been left out of quarantine, for more information.


This message was sent to SNS by Shintoji Daegu Church, who has been confirmed as corona19.
When they say they are confirmed, they say they do not suspect that they are Shincheonji believers.

Confirmation also shocks people by saying that the illness is not scary, but the exposure is scary.

The confirmer's parents had nothing to say.

[Confirmed Xintianji Father: (To attend Xintianji Church) I knew yesterday (25 days). I wouldn't have known it forever without this now. That's big, living in one house… .]

Daegu City has self-contained and inspected over 8,000 Shinto people in Daegu, but there are no countermeasures for families living with them.

Others have been infected by other staff and medical staff who have worked with Shincheonji believers and nurses at Western health centers and Catholic hospitals in Daegu.

[Daegu Corona 19 counterparts: Even a concise epidemiological survey does not accurately reach the line, but who is roughly related to the new world? I'm still suggesting… It is difficult because of the information protection law.]

Shindo's privacy needs to be protected now, but it is pointed out that special measures are required as it is more important to protect the safety and life of Daegu citizens.

(Video coverage: Go Seung-seung TBC, CG: Kwak Ho-ki TBC)