I've been told many times that I'm worried about the management of Chinese students coming into Korea during the corona 19 spread. As the domestic situation worsens, some international students delay or return to Korea, but return to China.

Reporter Min Kyung-ho heard the story.


Mr. A is studying at a Korean university.

It is the last semester of exchange students and I gave up and returned to China today (26th).

I am worried about the situation in our country.

[Chinese international students (returning to China today): Many Chinese international students are afraid and want to return to their home country.

As Corona 19 proliferates, there are also Chinese international students who delay or cancel their entry into Korea.

Kyung Hee University's Seoul dormitory was scheduled for 38 people yesterday and yesterday, but only 23 people arrived.

The management of Chinese international students is also an emergency.

Each university and local government has an information desk at the airport and is transported by charter bus to the school.

Fever screening in the dormitory is basic, if the heat is confirmed, wait outside to be transferred to the health center.

Campers also appeared to self-contain while a student undergoing a corona test waited for results.

Students will stay here if corona tests or treatments are delayed.

Domestic waste from Chinese students is collected separately by environmental workers in protective clothing.

[Ahn Byung-Nam / Environmental Cleaner Official: Any disinfection traces, bags or cotton, etc. are reported immediately. It is collected right away and incinerated first.]

More than 30,000 Chinese students have not yet entered the country, and the government has raised a reserve of 4.2 billion won from the budget.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo and Kim Jun-su CJB, Video editing: Soyoung Lee, VJ: Roh Jaemin)