Go to the next post. Today (21st), a two-story house that was under renovation in Busan suddenly collapsed and five people inside worked on a pile of buildings. Three were rescued, but two were found dead.

This is KNN Hwang Bo-ram.


This is a residential road in Busan. Suddenly, a two-story house collapses.

People run away in amazement, and the floor is covered with white smoke.

If the building collapsed on the road, it was a dizzying moment that would have led to a bigger disaster.

[Morning Site Worker (Self Evacuation): (Aren't you injured?) I was inside and chased (when collapsed).]

The collapsed house was under renovation.

Five people working on the first floor of the house were buried in a collapsed building.

The collapsed house, as you can see, is out of shape.

Two of the five sunk were eventually found dead inside.

Of the three rescued, two on the main gate were rescued immediately, and one was rescued after rescuers searched into the collapsed building.

[Jung Seok Bong / Busan Dongnae Fire Chief: Rescuers wait with heavy equipment work on the assumption that there may be at least one person (buried) in the future, leaving a minimum of rescue personnel. .]

Meanwhile, police will identify the exact cause of the accident by identifying the collapse.

(Video coverage: Park Dong-myung, Kim Tae-yong, Lee Won-ju KNN, Screening: Busan Fire and Disaster Headquarters, Busan Yeonje District Office)