The second-storey detached house, which was under renovation in Busan, collapsed and five workers were buried. Three were rescued and two were killed.

The police believe the accidents were likely due to weak building structures in the process of remodeling homes more than 40 years old.

At 11:04 am on the 21st, a two-storey detached house suddenly collapsed in Yeonsan-dong, Yeonje-gu, Busan.

Kim Mo, a 71-year-old witness, said, “I heard a 'boom' sounding like a car accident.

At the time, eight people were working on the first floor of the house, but with the collapse of the building, only three people were evacuated and the other five were buried in a pile of collapsed houses.

Immediately after the accident, the fire authorities issued the first phase of the response, and rescued aunt (28) and Kim (61) among those who were buried within four minutes.

After injuring his back and legs, Mr. Lee was taken to a hospital but is known to be minor.

Kim also suffered minor injuries to his right leg.

Of the three remaining investors, Aunt, 61, was rescued two o'clock in the afternoon, three hours after the accident.

At 3:16 pm, a man in his 70s was rescued and taken to hospital, but he died.

Twenty minutes later, the last five sunk women in their 60s were found and taken to hospital, but died.

The woman was known to have spoken to rescuers early in the accident, adding to the regret.

The seriously injured Lee said he was remodeling the day with seven workers, including his 20s son.

The police found that some walls and doors were removed and the H-beams were raised during the remodeling of the accident home.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident, keeping in mind the possibility that the building collapsed due to the renovation of a 46-year-old house.

Kim was rescued after being buried. "Escaped to the space that was created and saved my life."

In the aftermath of the collapse, city gas pipelines were cut off, which cut off gas supplies to some of the neighboring homes as the Gas Corporation struck emergency measures.

Police will identify the site of the collapse and determine the exact cause of the accident.