Two Daejeon citizens were positive on the first round of coronavirus infection-Corona-19 (Corona 19).

Daejeon City said today that two women in their 30s and 40s living in the West were quarantined in the negative pressure room at Chungnam National University Hospital after being tested positive for Corona19.

The city collected two women's specimens and ordered a second overhaul.

The final test results will be after 4 pm.

If they are finally confirmed, this is the first case of Corona 19 infection.

The city dispatches epidemiologists to investigate the route and contacts of the two women.

A woman in her 30s recently went on a trip to Vietnam with her family and had a fever.

A woman in her 40s visited a clinic for symptoms of a cold and was tested for corona19.

The health authorities closed down two lawmakers, two women each visiting.

All of their families also self-contained.

To date, there have been no symptoms of corona19 in two women's families.

The city says they are not aware of each other and have been identified as having nothing to do with Daegu Sincheonji Church.

Lee Kang-hyuk, the head of the Health and Welfare Bureau, said, “If two women who are firstly diagnosed as positive are determined to be final confirmation, we will disclose the results of epidemiological investigations such as travel routes and contacts to citizens.”