Allegations have been made that YouTube intentionally discriminates against Korean comments.

On the 19th, the YouTube channel operated by Josh and Ollie of 'British Man' posted a video titled 'YouTube's Korean Discrimination, I Can't Stand It Anymore.'

'British men' posted a video about a bug that pushed back Korean comments last summer. In this video, I told them that I learned shocking facts with other YouTube officials.

When inquiring about the comment situation at the time, YouTube responded, "It's a problem, but I did it on purpose." Some Korean channels put English comments as a priority and are testing whether it helps attracting foreign viewers. Will

The video also includes a screen below the Korean comment that received 700 likes, the English comment that received 100 likes. Even though 70-80% of the comments were Korean, the explanation was that the English comments were at the top.

Ollie said, "6-7 people speak Korean and 3-4 people speak English, but YouTube mutes 6-7 people to hear 3-4 people." Josh said, "It wasn't what we wanted and we didn't have a choice." "We take this issue very seriously, and we want YouTube to do it."

The video received a great response as it was viewed more than 1 million times in one day. The netizens commented on "this is obvious English supremacy", "experimental justification, obvious country, ethnicity and language discrimination" and "deceiving both the uploader and viewers for their own profits."

Some voices were concerned that "may be unconsciously doing what they want in the future."

While the controversy is spreading, YouTube is known to have said that "there is nothing more to confirm about the video content."

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(Photo = 'British Man' YouTube)