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Fan of the 'late'? Discover seven places to practice it any day of the week


Thursday's producers are the new Fridays; the sprunch (spa and brunch), the afterwork on the rooftops of Madrid and the fruit-laden gintonics ("I want a drink, no u

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The Gallery (Florida Retreat)

Thursday's producers are the new Fridays ; the sprunch (spa and brunch), the afterwork on the rooftops of Madrid and the fruit-laden gintonics ("I want a drink, not a salad"), it's late.

Well, actually, as with everything, this concept already existed, although you probably called it another way or it didn't even have a name for you. Take note, we tell you what it is and the best places in Madrid to enjoy this fashionable practice.

The key is that to leave it is not necessary to spend the night . That is, if you are one of those who repeats as a mantra that of "I'm going home that tomorrow I take advantage of the day", this is your perfect formula, the best way to not give up the social agenda and go to the gym, do the purchase or the batchcooking on Sunday morning.

Bar La Flaca Madrid

An entire institution in this art. On Saturdays they usually play various flamenco groups from 5.30 pm. Your #queelfindelmundotepillebailando poster is one of your hallmarks. Go ahead because there is usually a line at the door.

It is located on Velázquez Street, 94 and, in addition to its flamenco sessions you can find indie, pop-rock and electronics.

Lola 09

Lola 09 (Calle de San Mateo, 28) offers an Italian aperitif on Thursdays at 20.30: free buffet, cocktail and live music for 12 euros. In addition, his team confirms it: the afternoon is here to stay. "During the week, any activity or event that is scheduled must be done at an early hour , not later than nine o'clock, because people like to go to events after work without going home."

They also make wine tastings at very competitive prices and, under the supervision of Chef Gabriel Cavestany, they offer a creative cuisine with dishes such as Broken Poultry Egg on Bravas, Focaccia Truffled Mushroom Carpaccio and Cecina de León and Tempura Cod Stew Madrid.

Florida Retreat

The diversity of experiences is key in Florida Retiro (tour of the Dominican Republic, 1). "A place of passage and destination that adapts to the different needs, desires and moments of the day through five areas of leisure and enjoyment. All with common denominator: respect for the product of proximity and season , the required quality to a place as crowded and known as El Retiro, and a clear vocation to surprise both the traveled and demanding public of Madrid, and those who are visiting the capital, "says his team. For the afternoon plans, two enclaves stand out: The Gallery and its Kiosks, the most rogue option.

The Gallery has a menu of portions and tapas quite extensive . There is no need to book and it has an uninterrupted service from 12 to 24 hours, which means that it is the ideal place to take time , because you can take whatever you want at the time you like. Some croquettes at 6 pm with some vermouths? Done.

In addition, its windows overlook the Retiro Park, unbeatable views to spend a few hours.

For its part, the kiosks are postulated as the most informal and fun gastronomic proposal . There are six in total: La Jacinta (Freicence); The Pond and the Vermutería (drinks); The House of Cows (meat); The Artichoke (pickles, deli and cheeses); and La Gloriosa (tapas and skewers). From Monday to Thursday they open at 5 pm and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 12 noon.

Lamucca del Carmen

Industrial and vintage style, Lamucca del Carmen (Plaza del Carmen, 5) is from the Lamucca Group, which is usually synonymous with success. It has large windows, wooden beams and a marble bar. Its furniture mixes art deco with handmade pieces and antiques. But the most important thing is that it has become a reference restaurant that opens at 10 in the morning and offers breakfast, brunch , lunch, dinner, drinks and, of course, late .

The Irish Rover

This Irishman on Avenida de Brasil, 7, offers concerts, sports broadcasts and eclectic cuisine. All in the classic Dublin pub, only that this is one of the most spectacular in Spain : The Irish Rover has more than 500 square meters and a quarter century of history. "Although now the term and concept have become fashionable, the truth is that here the afternoon has always been good for us. On Thursdays we have live music from 8.30 pm," explain its drivers.

Areia Chill Out

In the street of Hortaleza, 92, are Areia, a chill out in the center of Madrid that offers exotic dishes, cocktails and even beach sand in summer. Its owners noticed that there were more and more people on Fridays and Saturdays in the afternoon, but with chip at night, that is, wanting to dance, drinks and cocktails even if they were only 20 hours. "We decided to schedule DJs in the afternoon and we boost the food menu, so that hunger is not an inconvenience at any time."

Revoltosa Prado

This place (Prado Street, 4) recently opened and was born with a vocation to offer entertainment and atmosphere from the early afternoon . "It's just as full on a Saturday at 6 pm as at 2 in the morning," says the Revoltosa team. Thus, the first music session begins at 5 pm and on Sunday afternoons, they also offer live music.

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