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[News] The prejudice beauty contest… '35 year old baby mother 'won in Germany


[Go Hyunjun's News] It's time for Go Hyunjun's news. What's your first news? <Go Hyun Joon / Current Critic> A story about Germany. Candidates who broke stereotypes in Miss Germany this year are being picked up.

[Go Hyun Joon's News]


It's time for Go Hyun-jun to pick out the hottest news. What's your first news?

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

German story. Candidates who broke stereotypes in Miss Germany this year are being picked up.

On the 15th, Germany, Leoni von Hasera won the championship at the Miss Germany pageant in 2020. She is the oldest winner in Miss Germany's history, 35 years old, and 93 years old.
Hase expressed her belief in beauty in the finals that beauty is still beautiful and that character comes from life's experience.

The 35-year-old mother was able to become Miss Germany thanks to a different regulation, and the organizers raised the age limit from 39 to 39 to 2018, and even women with children or husbands.

Bremen also entered the final four months of pregnancy and was listed as the first pregnant woman. The swimsuit screening also disappeared.

This changed atmosphere was felt in the costumes of the participants, but instead of the colorful dresses, the participants dressed in black trousers or evening dresses showed a different personality than the contestants.


Beauty can't always be the same as beauty, it can't be the same for everyone. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Next post. The Supreme Court ruled that at night the driver could not be held responsible for wearing a black suit and hitting an unauthorized pedestrian.

The three supreme courts have been acquitted of Mr. A accused of violating the Traffic Accident Handling Act.

Mr. A was put on trial last January at 8:35 on suspicion of driving a two-way one-way lane in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.
At the first trial, Mr. A sentenced him to two years of probation in a year's safe, saying he was able to prevent the accident.

There were streetlights around to identify the victims and based on the fact that the vehicle speed did not slow down until the crash, but rather increased.

However, in the appeal court, there was a street lamp, but the victim was wearing black clothes, so it was not easy to find it, and the black box video showed the victim's appearance just before the accident. He broke his first judgment and was acquitted.

The Supreme Court also accepted a two-judgment judgment and confirmed its innocence.


Because the Supreme Court ruling came out. You should cross the street at night when you are wearing black. You should be especially careful when this happens. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko / Critical Commentary>

Next post. Two stamps, representing the dignity and authority of the Joseon king, returned to Korea from the United States. The Cultural Heritage Administration unveiled the recently returned Daegujubo and Hyojongeobo.

These are artifacts that have been donated by Lee Dae-su, a Korean-American, and have been used for practical purposes in official documents such as diplomatic documents and administrative documents.
In particular, the overarching monarch made in 1882, the 19th year of King Gojong, has a significant meaning in that it was a national symbol of Joseon as an independent sovereign state.

Joseon wrote the name “King of Kings of Korea,” which he had received from Qing and Ming, and the creation of a large monarchy was a reflection of the idea of ​​clearing out the relations with China and moving toward a sovereign state.

However, the English name 'W B. TOM' is clearly engraved in the overarching jumbo that has such an important meaning.
It is assumed that the person who had been in possession of the soup was engraved with the name.
There was a lot of reaction that it seems that it shows the history of the suffering of Korea.

Source: sbskr

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