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Juan Carlos Girauta refuses to retract and Risto Mejide expels him from the set of Everything is a Lie


The last program of Everything is a lie, aired on Monday, February 17, started with controversy. And is that Risto Mejide made reference to a comment by Juan Carlos Girauta in an e

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The last program of Everything is a lie , aired on Monday, February 17, started with controversy. And is that Risto Mejide made reference to a comment by Juan Carlos Girauta in an earlier installment, when he insulted the viewers who criticized him by calling them "asshole." The presenter asked him to rectify and the politician refused , so he was expelled from the set.

"There was someone who is here with us today who did something that is unacceptable to me. And since that someone I have a lot of love and respect I want to give him the opportunity to personally rectify today," said Mejide. "Juan Carlos Girauta, exactly one week ago you called our spectators asshole," he added.

The former deputy clarified that it was not addressed to all viewers , but to some who sent insulting messages. "I give you the opportunity to rectify," said the format driver. "I won't do it. Why am I going to do it? I don't believe in that rectification," replied the collaborator.

Risto explained that "resorting to insult is disrespectful" despite ideological discrepancies . For his part, Girauta argued that "what those people said was insulting and I always answer the insults."

"I respect your right not to rectify but you also have to respect that there are things that I am not going to do," said the presenter, who wanted to show him again the video with his statements , in addition to several messages from viewers asking for measures against the politician for your comment.

After remembering what happened, the publicist insisted. "I strongly ask you to retract," he said, but the Citizens' export spokesman refused once again . "No, throw me out. Of course, it is consistent," he said. "Well, goodbye, Juan Carlos Girauta, I have to kick you out," said the host, who confessed that he knew very badly to make that decision .

The farewell was also the most tense since Girauta counterattacked . "You have done everything, you have insulted contestants," he threw Mejide in the face . "I do not come to humble myself before anyone, here you want to make the cartoon on the right and with me you will not do it. Who has not respected me has been the people selected there and therefore the production of the program. You will already do it with another, with a clown, "he argued.

Later the protagonist commented on what happened on Twitter . "New lie. I have urged him to kick me out, and he has done it. You just have to watch the video," Girauta wrote. "You want to make the cartoon on the right and you won't do it with me," he repeated.

After this confrontation were many users of the social network who expressed their support for Juan Carlos Girauta and charged against Risto, and even described the scene as "embarrassing spectacle".

Although most messages were supportive of Girauta, there were also some users who defended Risto Mejide and applauded the initiative of the program's presenter.

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