The game streaming service Stadia will be available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Google announced on Tuesday on its website. The Razer Phone and ASUS ROG Phone gaming phones will also support Stadia.

Until now, Stadia on smartphones was only available on the Google Pixel devices, which are not formally sold in the Netherlands.

Google makes the smartphones from Samsung, including the models from the Galaxy S8 and Note8, Razer and ASUS from Thursday suitable for Stages. In addition to smartphones, the streaming service is also available on tablets, laptops and desktops.

Stages have been available in the Netherlands since November. With a subscription, players can play a series of games, without necessarily having to possess hardware with a lot of computing power. The games are sent to the equipment via Google's servers.

Microsoft and chip maker NVIDIA, among others, want to attract customers with competing platforms. According to research agency Statista, the market for game streaming will grow to 8 billion dollars (7.4 billion euros) over the next five years.

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