A horrific accident that injured veteran driver Ryan Newman hit the "Daytona 500" race in the US "NASCAR" cars, which ended narrowly in favor of Demi Hamlin for the second year in a row.

The Newman accident, which seriously injured doctors had confirmed was not dangerous to his life, prompted the cancellation of traditional celebrations at the end of the race, which was held on Monday, and is considered one of the most famous in American car competitions.

Newman, 42, was on the last lap of his Ford Mustang, but lost control of it after rubbing with a competitor's car, turning the vehicle on itself, crashing into the side wall, returning to the track of the Daytona Speedway in Florida, and crashing again Another car, which led to overturning and fire.

Ambulances and firefighters rushed to Neumann’s rescue, and paramedics lifted black barriers while working to get the driver out of his car, while the other drivers waited for about two hours before finding out what happened to their colleague.

Rescue teams try to extinguish the fire that broke out in the car (French)

"NASCAR" CEO Steve O'Donnell confirmed to reporters that Newman is in critical condition after being taken to hospital, but he will survive.

Newman's "Rauch Racing" team also said in a statement that the driver "is in serious condition, but doctors have indicated that his injuries do not pose a threat to his life."

The accident on the oval circuit, in which cars compete at a high speed of about 300 km / hour, is a reminder of the death of the driver, Dale Arnhardt, in an accident during the last lap of the "Daytona 500" race in the year 2001 on the circuit, which has enough seats for 100,000 spectators.

Drivers expressed concern about Newman's fate. "I knew it (the accident) was bad," winner Hamlin said, considering that the race for him was "a strange mixture of enthusiasm and happiness for myself, but at the same time the health of a person and (the concern for) his family is greater than any victory in sports."

"Hamlin" team manager Joe Gibbs also apologized for the appearance of a number of team members celebrating after their driver crossed the finish line, saying, "I was focusing on our car, and everyone around us started celebrating. Maybe we saw some and said: Look, these people are celebrating while there is a big event." On the ground of the ring.

"So I apologize to everyone, but we really didn't know (what happened). After we started celebrating, we learned about it."

Trump on board the monster car in the Daytona circuit (Reuters)

And saw the Daytona circuit on Sunday, before the date originally scheduled for launch, the presence of US President Donald Trump, who toured the circuit in the armored presidential car known as the "The Best" (monster).

The race was scheduled for Sunday, but was postponed to Monday due to climatic conditions and heavy rain. The "Daytona 500" is the first race for the NASCAR season, with about 40 drivers competing over 200 laps around the circuit.