• Unpacked 2020.How to watch the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S20 live and streaming
  • Samsung Galaxy S20. A 108 megapixel camera to stand up to Chinese mobiles
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The folding mobile reminiscent of the phones of the past decade

Samsung today celebrates its presentation event of the Galaxy S20, its new range of phones. The 'Unpacked 2020' will take place in San Francisco, although it can be viewed by streaming live video after 20:00 Spanish.

Although surely the company has some surprise, almost all the details of its three new phones, the S20, the S20 Plus and the S20 Ultra are already known; as well as announcing a new folding phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, its first attempt at this technology, this new mobile does not close like a book, but on its horizontal axis, like the classic Motorola cover.

In this news, we will cover the presentation live, summarizing the most important moments for those who cannot see the conference while it is being broadcast. The information will be published in reverse chronological order, from most recent to oldest.

Presentation of the Galaxy S20


The new head of Samsung's telephony branch, TM Roh, goes on stage. Innovation, innovation and more innovation, says they will present today.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has extra protections on the hinge, where the Galaxy Fold broke down. We hope they work well.

Its price and launch date have been confirmed: it will be available for 1,340 euros from February 14.


While they are still talking about the Z Flip, you can read our first impressions about the Galaxy S20, which we could try last week.


The Samsung event has already started! They start strong, with the presentation of their new folding phone, the Samsung Z Flip. Flexible screen, more compact ...


Half an hour. Remember that we will be updating this piece every few minutes with the most important of the conference. "And why not send us directly to see the conference," you may ask.

On the one hand, not everyone can, or should, watch YouTube at work, so here we are to make the "trap." On the other hand, if you do not know English or do not know much, you will have a hard time understanding Samsung spokesmen ...

Or maybe you just want to read a summary of the most interesting. Whatever your situation, here we will be giving the key a couple of hours.


There is less than an hour left. Our man at the foot of the canyon is already at the event, which seems to have been chosen with special care and with the intention that attendees make good use of a long-range zoom. What a coincidence, right?


Samsung's official video streaming is already active.


We are still waiting for this to begin. Missing two hours. It is not a bad time to recall the latest mobile presentation that Samsung made, the Note 10.

Despite its fantastic design and performance, it was a continuity phone. The S20s are called to break Samsung's streak in this regard and to be a great qualitative leap in relation to cameras. We will see how it goes.


There are three hours left before the event starts and leaks do not stop leaking. Evan Blass, a classic of the advances of this kind, has uploaded all the information about the Z Flip to his Twitter account, which is protected for new followers, however.

Of the information, a very important detail: it seems that the Z Flip will have a glass cover, not plastic, on its flexible screen, which in theory would make it more durable and less prone to scratches.


There are still four hours left before the event starts, so if you have arrived early, you better read the predictions we made last Friday and take a look at how it will be possible to follow the conference on video.

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