If it was genuine, a customs officer was caught trying to smuggle fake luxury goods and cigarettes worth 12 billion won. He disguised himself as importing charcoal from China and was caught in the X-ray examination.

This is KNN Kim Seong-gi.


Last July, a container loaded with charcoal from Ningbo Port in Busan to Busan Port is x-rayed.

The reading finds a bright part in the middle of the cargo that is less dense than the surroundings.

When I opened the container, I got a lot of luxury goods such as a Louis Vuitton bag and a Cartier watch.

More than 1,400 counterfeit luxury goods, including 50 million won Piaget watches, are worth 12 billion won.

Smugglers caught in customs used a so-called 'wicking' technique to cover the front and back of the container with charcoal and hide the smuggled goods in the middle to avoid crackdowns.

[Kim Sung-bok / Busan Customs Investigation Manager: It is a technique that makes it difficult to search containers by camouflaging as if there is no difference in density, or putting smuggled goods in the middle and filling them with normal goods.]

The smuggled goods included 90,000 packs of domestic cigarettes and 400 million won worth.

In particular, domestic cigarettes with large profit margins are targeted by smugglers.

Domestic cigarettes exported at 500 won per pack are flown back to Korea at 1,300 won and distributed to traditional markets.

[Cho Sung-Hyun / Busan Customs Administration: A tax of 3,300 won per pack, so if you sell without paying taxes, you can get a lot of profit… ]

Customs agreed to dispose of all seized goods.