Alberto López stars 'For all death', a black comedy directed by Alfonso Sánchez about a mature student who must liquidate his great rival

Thanks to short films that swept through YouTube, Alberto López (Sevilla, 1976) went from being an unknown actor to having his little legion of fans. Later, his participation in films such as Eight Basque surnames and The world is ours and the series Down there has made him a popular face for the general public. Now, together with his inseparable Alfonso Sánchez, he stars For the whole death , a black comedy directed by Sánchez in which López becomes an opponent who will do everything possible to achieve his long-awaited term in the Public Administration. Even get to kill his main rival for a position.

'For all death' trailer

Do you have to be very daring to turn an opponent into a comedy? Something like that. It has cloth, doesn't it? (laughs) Above all, for carrying my back the responsibility of representing thousands of opponents, with their dreams, their fears, their triumphs and their defeats. It has been a very nice process and I did not want to go crazy when I got into a world, that of the opponents, which gives for many stories. How far do you think someone can go in search of a dream? It is already said at a time in the movie that "despair can take the monster we all have inside." Either for better or for worse, as is happening here to José Vicente, my character, who tries to kill someone to get a place. There are those who take the fast track .... Without revealing any surprise, it should be noted that when José Vicente enters the house of a rival, events happen without stopping .... Saving the distances, it is a bit like El guateque , where guests arrived and things did not stop happening. Something similar happens here, with a house that is gradually filled with strange guests with very specific purposes. I liked being in a film as choral as this one.

The film stands out for the large number of secondary characters that appear.

To promote the film, Alfonso Sánchez and you have starred in a tour throughout Spain megaphone in hand and distributing brochures ... Yes, we started three weeks before the premiere, just give the gifts to our children. Alfonso and I have done almost everything: walking to several degrees below zero, distributing thousands of brochures, bundling it in a market on a Sunday ... But this is the profession, in which they link projects that make you stay away from home and assume sacrifices Somehow, the artists of this country are opponents for love of art. After Eight Basque surnames and Down there , what perception do you think the public has of you? Well, more than Eight Basque surnames , the series has made me notice the love of the people much more. That someone has seen you at home, in pajamas, means that you have somehow shared part of their privacy. And that makes me very grateful to see you on the street promoting this movie. If there was even a father who called his children to get out of his house to see Alfonso and me! Not everyone is able to do something like that ... It can. I think it is, in part, an exercise in humility, modesty, pundonor and even survival when you close the conventional ways to reach people who want to see you. Here we have taken another path, which is through Spain and tell people face to face that we premiere For all death . The other day I read a phrase that said: "Put your best in everything you do, no matter how small." And something like that we have done. Would it be risky to ensure laughter in this movie? I don't dare so much. But I will tell you that those who have seen it have laughed a lot and make sense that it is a comedy. The teacher Emilio Martínez-Lázaro already said at the time that, although he made a comedy, he did not want the word 'comedy' to appear on the posters until people saw it and laughed. And if the teacher said it ...

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