General Motors is going to build Hummer off-road vehicles again, the company announced on Thursday. The promotion campaign for the new model will start on Friday. The new Hummer will be unveiled on May 20.

The Hummer will be supplied under the brand name GMC and from now on will be provided with a fully electric power train. Not all specifications have been announced yet, but GMC has already announced that the Hummer will get 1,000 hp and can sprint to 96 kilometers per hour in approximately three seconds.

In the autumn of 2021 the car will actually be on the market. For the time being, the car will only be available in the United States.

The Hummer comes from the military vehicle High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle of the American army, which soon became popularly called Humvee. The car was engraved in the collective memory in the early 1990s during the First Gulf War.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger subsequently fought hard for a civil performance of the Humvee. In 1992 the Hummer H1 came on the market. Ten years later the Hummer H2 was introduced, which in 2005 was joined by the smaller Hummer H3.

The global economic downturn at the end of the previous decade led General Motors to pull the plug out of the Hummer division in February 2010.

The Hummer H1 (left) and the Hummer H2 next to each other.

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