The Dutch navigation service provider TomTom has concluded a deal with Huawei, TomTom announced on Friday. Huawei may use the TomTom maps in apps on the smartphones of the Chinese company.

In 2019, Google limited Huawei's access to the mobile operating system Android. The company therefore followed stricter rules from the US Department of Economic Affairs. As a result, Huawei can no longer use Google Maps.

Huawei is developing its own operating system for the smartphones, called HarmonyOS. The deal with TomTom means that Huawei can now use the cards of the Dutch company with that operating system.

TomTom sold the Telematics division - that was the branch of the company that focused on vehicle tracking systems - to the Japanese tire maker Bridgestone in early 2019. The company already said that it wants to focus more on digital maps.

Remco Meerstra, TomTom spokesperson, told Reuters news agency that the deal was closed some time ago, but had not yet been made public. He did not want to go further into the deal.