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Micro-USB, USB-C or Apple lightning: what type of cable do you need to charge your smartphone? This lack of harmonization is starting to pose a problem. Debates on this subject took place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Monday, reports 01.net.

The European Union is considering "binding measures" to force manufacturers to market a single charger. Previously, the EU simply “encouraged” tech companies to agree on a standard. But nothing has been done, and MEPs believe that this lack of harmonization has an ecological impact.

Apple warns

The old shippers generate 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste per year. To end this waste, European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič recommends choosing between USB-C and wireless charging. Many manufacturers have already agreed to adopt this standard. Even Apple, which defends its lightning connectivity, has installed this port on some of its devices (Macbook Pro, iPad Pro).

But the apple company, which had already sold a billion devices with lightning connectors, warned the EU in 2019. "We want to make sure that any new legislation does not lead to the shipment of unnecessary cables or cables. 'external adapters with each device, or obsolete the devices and accessories' already sold, Apple said. “This could translate into an unprecedented volume of electronic waste. "

A vote planned "later"

For its part, the American Council for Information on the Technological Industry (ITI) had declared to the European Commission that it was "in total agreement with this European approach which promotes interoperability and aims to reduce e-waste ". But promotion does not mean constraint and no obligation has ever been enacted.

Difficult to predict when a vote could take place deciding on a single port for smartphones. It is during a "subsequent" plenary session that MEPs will have to decide. No other details filtered.


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