The foldable battery developed by the South Korean company Jenax. - Jenax

The South Korean company Jenax unveiled at CES 2020 its brand new lithium-ion battery developed for connected clothing. Called J. Flex, the creation is very fine and has the particularity of being flexible, reports Futura Tech .

The rechargeable device can thus be folded, crumpled, twisted or rolled up without losing its effectiveness. Besides the creators of smart clothes, J.Flex is also of interest to designers of foldable smartphones. At the Las Vegas tech show, Jenax also presented the battery connected to a smartphone integrated in a belt.

A gel to avoid overheating

The company has also shown that its battery can power the patch inserted in a connected garment or an American football helmet. In its thinnest version, the J.Flex battery is 0.5 mm thick. Its size depends on the power required. The latter can range from ten milliampere-hours to five ampere-hours. The voltage of the current generated by J.Flex varies from 3 to 4.25 volts.

The manufacturing secret lies in the electrolyte in the form of a semi-solid gel that Jenax has developed to avoid the risk of explosion due to overheating. According to the company, it is this innovation that gives it a lead over its rivals, such as Panasonic or Samsung, in the race for flexible batteries. But Jenax remained very secret and did not give more details on its tech innovation.

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