Netatmo's smart lock is unlocked from a smartphone or physical keys. - NETATMO

  • The Electronics Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10.
  • Among the manufacturers of connected objects, the French Somfy Protect and Netatmo simultaneously revealed their connected lock, which will soon be sold for a few hundred euros.
  • With them, the idea is to further secure access to our home using locks which we can manage access and which alert against intrusion attempts.

Knock Knock knock ! Ubiquitous at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10, the connected home focused on security this year. Different manufacturers presented their new generation locks. These aim to increase the security of our interiors by better controlling access to the entrance doors of houses and apartments.

An alert at the slightest intrusion attempt

Among them, the French home automation giant Somfy Protect unveiled its Door Keeper. "It is a connected lock motorization which integrates an intrusion detector, but also a closing one", indicates the manufacturer. The lock which is added to an existing door has several virtues. Like others (those of the Nuki brand, for example), it allows you to lock and unlock the door from your smartphone, but also to define temporary access codes.

The lock connected by Somfy Protect to CES in Las Vegas. - SOMFY PROTECT

If family members can enter and leave permanently, an AirbnB tenant or a cleaning lady will only be able to access the premises for a defined period of time. But the real novelty of Door Keeper lies in the integration of the Intellitag process. This was developed by Myfox (company bought by Somfy at the end of 2016). Based on vibration detection, this system can trigger an alarm when someone tries to force the door. “50% of break-ins come from the front door,” says Somfy Protect.

Little extra: with the Door Keeper lock, you can be alerted if you forgot to lock your door and therefore lock it remotely. Behind Door Keeper, it is obviously a whole eco-system that Somfy Protect wishes to develop. The key is the integration of life scenarios: the lock closes, the roller shutters descend, the alarm goes off, etc. Available in the second quarter of 2020, Door Keeper will bring "a capital gain of 500 euros on a door", specifies Somfy Protect, which does not communicate precise prices for its connected lock.

Smart keys that can be turned on and off

Similar device with the first Netatmo smart lock. The French nugget of French Tech now owned by the Legrand group nevertheless differs in its approach.

Netatmo's connected lock launched by the end of 2020. - NETATMO

If it is indeed possible to lock and unlock the door from your smartphone and an application, this can only be done by Bluetooth, i.e. in an area of ​​only a few meters from the smart lock. Netatmo thus highlights the protection against hacking of its lock. Flat: if it also has an attempted opening detection system (using an accelerometer), the alert can only be given when the owner is nearby. In other words, he can know that he was the victim of an attempted break-in, but only after it took place ...

Smarter: Netatmo associates also so-called “smart” keys with its locks. This new system is based on physical keys recognized by the lock using the NFC process. This is the one used for example by Android smartphones to pair with an audio headset or an NFC Bluetooth speaker.

The smart keys of the Netatmo smart lock. - NETATMO

In this case, it is possible to activate and deactivate as many keys as desired from the application. No need to replace the lock when your ex has fled with the key to his apartment or a key has been lost or stolen.

And here again, Netatmo hopes to implement its ecosystem of connected products (cameras, thermostat, thermostatic valves), but also to expand the compatibility of its smart lock with compatible HomeKit devices from Apple. One can thus imagine that when one arrives near this famous lock, the lights of the house will turn on automatically. Netatmo plans to market it at the end of 2020. Budget: between 350 and 400 euros with three smart keys. It will take around 100 euros more for a pack of three additional keys.


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