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A universal charger that works for all mobile phones. This is one of the objectives related to the future of smartphones that from the European Union have been trying to make reality for more than a decade .

A war in which everyone seems to be satisfied except Apple , which has always shown its frontal and systematic opposition arguing that "it would be bad for the industry" and an " unnecessary disruption for consumers ."

Some arguments with which it tries to curb the "binding measures" of the European Parliament that aims to establish a single type of charger that is compatible with all portable terminals (smartphones and tablets) that exist in the market.

It would be a step further as the only effort in this line from Europe is focused on the European Commission, which approved a text "encouraging" technology companies to develop a single type of standardized charger .

"More than 1 billion Apple terminals have been sent using a lightning type connector. We want to ensure that new legislation will not result in the sending of unnecessary new cables or external adapters for the terminals, which together with their accessories are used by millions of Europeans and hundreds of thousands of Apple consumers worldwide. This would result in an unprecedented volume of electronic waste and full of inconvenience to users, "the Apple company said a year ago in a statement when European institutions were trying to implement a plan in favor of universal standardization .

The European Parliament is called to vote on this issue in the coming days . An issue with which there is a division of opinions. A part of the camera is in favor of forcing Apple to adapt to the new standard while another faction expects the multinational based in Cupertino (California) to opt for this universal charger without having to take legislation forward.

One, a position in which the institutions have been enrolled since 2009 . More than a decade.

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