• Rosalia: The epidemic hidden behind permanent nails: "The solution would be to ban them"

Wearing long, well-groomed nails is in fashion. Just take a look at the Instagram accounts of some of the influencers with more followers to see the importance of having wonderful nails to complete any outfi t.

A good example of this growing interest in perfect nails is Simone Christina , a 19-year-old German influencer who at 14 decided she wouldn't cut them again. Since then it has been documenting its evolution in an Instagram account that has not stopped adding followers to date, where it accumulates almost 15,000 followers.

Your account is intended as an ode to nail art . Her love for impossible manicures that she herself performs on nails that exceed 15 centimeters in length are the most striking. So much so that all his publications in the fashion social network accumulate several hundred 'likes' and many other comments praising his virtuosity when decorating them.

A task to which he dedicates much of his time and that he enjoys very much. And, as he has been explaining to all the media that have been echoing his success, his main obsession is to "take care of them . " As much as to adapt much of your daily routines such as scratching, dressing or showering to your new reality.

Something that generates a lot of interest among his followers. In fact, his two videos with more visualizations are those in which he shows how a ponytail is made and how the laces are tied with nails that have begun to stoop towards his palm. Two gestures he has had to relearn, such as picking up a pen to be able to write, without any problem on his way to college.

This is what he says in one of those who has uploaded to his YouTube channel: 'Christina In Wonderland'. For three months he has taken advantage of the possibilities offered by this other social network to show his most intimate face and answer some of the questions raised by his fans, such as what led him to stop cutting his nails or what care he applies to them.

Extra-long toenails, the next fashion?

In one of those videos, at the request of his followers, he shows his fingernails. He has not cut them for a few months now and it seems that, at least for now, he has no intention of doing so. Unless you are willing to assume that you will have to buy new footwear every little time and give up covering your feet when none comes in, it will be impossible for you to remain intact at the same time as your hands.

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