The police filed a warrant for a 40-year-old driver who was driving a taekwondo school bus without a license and had a finger-cutting accident for a 7-year-old child.

Cheongju Equivalent Police applied for a warrant for arrest of A (41), a gymnasium in Cheongju City, for alleged violations of the Road Traffic Law.

Mr. A is accused of having his finger caught in a folding chair while driving his own Taekwondo van on November 12 last year.

According to the survey, Mr. A was found drunk while driving in 2016 and his license was revoked.

Mr. A was also reported to have been caught by the police while driving without a license.

The Taekwondo car that Mr. A ran was also found to be an unregistered school car.

In 2013, following the accident of Mr. Kim Se-rim (3 years old) who was killed by a school car in Cheongju, the Road Traffic Act (aka Selim Law) was revised to strengthen the safety obligations of children's school vehicles. .

Under this law, kindergartens, daycare centers, and school operators must restructure their vehicles to comply with safety regulations, such as installing footrests and child seat belts on yellow school buses, and report them to the local police station.

Ms. B had three surgeries at the hospital, but the success of the splicing was known to be uncertain.

Ms. B's parents sued the police and insisted that "the school's treatment was delayed after visiting the hospital and getting off to other hospitals immediately after the accident."