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UNIQLO's domestic operator, FRL Korea, has decided not to pay dividends at the end of this year.

This is due to the sluggish results due to the boycott of Japanese products in Korea.

According to the audit report of FRL Korea, it is the first time that the company decided to pay dividends of zero for the first time since 2011.

Since it was an accounting firm in August, the boycott was influenced by the boycott in the last fiscal year last year, but only two months in July and August last year, but no dividends proved to be a significant blow.

Since September, the start of a new fiscal year, losses have increased even more during the fall and winter season, when sales are high.

In fact, as of October, card sales have declined by 70%.
In addition, the aftermath of the boycott continues until the year has changed, making it difficult to expect an interim dividend.

As such, the fall of UNIQLO is expected to inflict considerable damage to Lotte Shopping, which holds almost half of its shares.

The netizens responded, "I think it's time for Japanese companies to stop working."