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The company that gives "hangover days" To him eployees


It is called Audit Lab and is a marketing and advertising company in the United Kingdom, which in addition to facilitating family reconciliation and flexible hours, gives its employees what

It is called Audit Lab and is a marketing and advertising company in the United Kingdom, which in addition to facilitating family reconciliation and flexible hours, gives its employees what they call "hangover days" in the event that an excess of alcohol Last night I played a trick on them.

"This year I have already taken two 'hangover days' after dating my friends and three when I have gone out with my coworkers, " Ellie Entwistle, 19, a worker at that company, told the BBC the week pass. "It is a great benefit," he said after explaining that the company allows "hangover days" to work from home and recover from the excesses of the previous night. A dream for many .

"In our work, people with children have a lot of benefits, but there are no advantages strictly for those who do not have them . Therefore, this flexibility is the benefit for those without children," said the young woman.

As Ellie's boss, Claire Crompton , co-founder and director of the company, told the BBC, the objective is to offer this kind of benefits to attract the talent that monopolizes the neighboring city of Manchester, very close to Bolton, where Audit is located Lab. "We wanted to offer something to young millennials who usually go to pubs on weekdays. My team reserves a hangover day in advance if they know that a worker is going to leave the day before, " he told the BBC.

"If people use the hangover day two or three times a week and miss important meetings with clients, then we would have to think about this benefit. But everyone has been very respectful, " he adds.

However, what really hides this day is the classic Marketing product. Give an attractive name to something that is simply working one day from home: "We have called it in an attractive way for the young generation . "

As if you take a day of Own Affairs or a day to go to the doctor, the "hangover days" also have their rules , which the company explains in the company's blog. The first, be honest . "This is our golden rule for hangover days, it is what caused the whole idea in the first place. If you have caught too many and still want more, let us know. There is no trial (we have all gone through it) and we trust you to manage your own workload, only from a different location. Confidence flows both ways. "

Second, notify with time . "If you know you have a late event, a meeting with a client that runs until dawn, or if there is a party for the staff, let us know in advance if you think you will not come tomorrow. If in the end you come, then great. But yes you prefer to work on the couch, it's fine too. "

Third, get ready . "Whether you believe or are sure that you are going to need a hangover day, prepare for the future by taking your laptop home the night before or any document you may need to complete your work the next day."

And finally, make smart decisions . "We always ask people to watch next week if they are considering having a drink or if they know a work event is coming. What happens the next day? Is there a great presentation or a client meeting? This kind of thing they are not negotiable. "

"Recently, I was on a date with my partner. We went to a restaurant and drank a bottle of wine. Then, we joined some friends who were drinking around. Without realizing it, we took too much and returned home somewhat late So the next morning I called Claire and told her that I was not very well, "says Ellie, who says she would have been more ashamed to call her and lie than tell her the truth, that she had a hangover.

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