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Frank Cuesta has worried his followers after sharing several videos on his YouTube channel and social networks. In them he appears without hair and implies that he has cancer again. In 2015 he said he had suffered this disease.

In an Instagram post he has answered the questions that some of his fans have asked: "Many of you are asking me why I don't have hair. I have been bad for a while and, because of the medicine they have given me, because you drop it the hair of the whole body. " He says he is well: "I am much better ... You have to fight with everything and pull forward."

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The Wild Frank driver has taken the subject with humor and has included himself in a video titled "The 4 ugliest 'pelaos' bugs I've seen." He has defined himself as a member of the species 'Crocus Guarris Pelatus' and has compared photos of him with and without hair.

He relates in the piece: "It is a different bug. Some of you will confuse it with the 'Crocus Guarris Guarris', the original. This bug is the same as the original but it has dropped its hair , and as it has dropped its hair is very ugly, but it has one characteristic, it has things very similar to the original, both of them seem to like to touch the balls to the animals and also they both like to touch the balls in social networks. and others shit it. "

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He says that "neither of them has hairs on their tongues " and that both have "big mouths". Cuesta continues to narrate later in the video: "It is an animal that has no hair anywhere. They have fallen. They have poisoned him , some doctors who I think have deceived him. They told him: 'We put this on for you to wear well. 'And he has lost his hair. Maybe because a lot of people told him he was going to fall. "

Network reactions

Frank Cuesta has received numerous messages of support from his followers on social networks. Some of them have also made use of the sense of humor to send their best wishes to the adventurer, with references to the 'Crocus Guarris Pelatus': "Where is the second animal? Can I take it home?"

" I love the second animal ! Much less dangerous than the 'Tuiterus listus repelentus', which is a tired animal, that has nothing to do but give it all day and grows anywhere," wrote a tweeter. "The second bug 'pelao' has to give a lot of war yet, so to fight. In this life there are those who move forward or backward, and then there is Frank , always in front," said another.

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