Finally, the social networking site Facebook has activated a smart feature called "advertising outside of Facebook", which works through special agreements between the site and retail stores, to allow the parties to exchange and share user data to target it with ads.

According to the official identification page for this feature, the new service means that "Facebook" gets a summary of the activity that users are doing for the site outside of "Facebook" through an agreement with the "Facebook" partners who join this service. The activity summary includes detailed data about the user's activity inside the store or the institution that shares his information with Facebook. If the user is in a store, this summary includes a statement of the purchases made by the person, the timing of his purchase, the manufacturers and manufacturers of these purchases, their prices, and whether It contains marketing offers or not, and where to buy them. In other words, all the details of the purchase invoice, along with any available data indicating the identity of the buyer.

User ID

Under the agreement to subscribe to this service, "Facebook" compares the personal data contained in this data with the profiles of the users registered with it, to determine the user's identity, page or account on "Facebook", and then adds his personal data on "Facebook" and the following data from Partners to the algorithm of broadcasting and operating data on Facebook, then this data is erased as soon as it is matched with the data of his profile, and it starts working with the advertising algorithm.

Then the person is targeted with ads that are appropriate to the data sent in terms of timing, location, quality, etc., and thus the Facebook user gets advertisements about services, products and commodities at specific times and places, when making certain decisions, in a way that is specific and accurate.

Activity summary

He stated «Facebook» that the service includes building a summary of the activity carried out by the user of the site within the companies or institutions participating in this service, and display this summary on his page, whether these institutions are sites he visits or places he visits to shop or obtain services.

He clarified that, for example, if the entity involved in the service with Facebook is a website or an application on a mobile phone, the data includes the number of times the application is opened and the timing of opening, in addition to the number of times the application is logged in using the profile data in «Facebook Facebook », view the content that was dealt with, and others.

Receive data

He added, "Facebook" that most of this data is currently accessed by companies, sites and applications that use the profile data of "Facebook" as a mechanism for registration and access to it, indicating that this matter takes some time for the user data to become in actual operation.

And that this means that any activity the user has done in a store, site or place, will not appear in the summary displayed on his page several days ago, depending on the cycle of receiving data from the party that you send.

And Facebook confirmed that it does not sell that information to anyone, and it prohibits companies or institutions from sharing sensitive information, such as health and financial information, birthdate and passwords.


In the context of the controversy about the new feature “Advertising outside of Facebook”, the results of a study conducted by scientists at the Imperial College University in London and the University of Louvain Cathedral in Belgium, and published by the New York Times, showed that there are new algorithms that can identify 99.98% of people The owners of anonymous data that have been stripped of the personal data that indicates them, which means that the fact that Facebook has deleted the data received from it from its partners does not make sense, because it can return it and deal with the identities of its owners again, which is a violation of privacy.

For his part, Business Insider explained that the matter is related to Facebook revenue from advertising through exchanging interests with its business partners, especially that the financial performance data for Facebook for the third quarter of this year indicates that it has achieved $ 17.6 billion Returns, including 17.3 billion ads, pointing out that for this the new feature came as a tool to enhance its advertising revenue before adding anything to the users.