On the second day of the World Cup darts in London, two Dutchmen will take action: Jermaine Wattimena and Raymond van Barneveld. Don't miss out on the World Cup matches via our live blog.

Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog. My name is Anne van Eijk and I will keep you informed about the darts matches of the Dutch today.

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  • Wattimena Humphries 2-2
  • 10 pm: Van Barneveld-Young

World Cup darts · a few seconds ago

It is right again. Humphries has a little dip that Wattimena benefits from: 4-4

WK darts · 2 minutes ago

Humphries is unapproachable in its own legs. He also retains this and takes the lead again: 3-4 .

WK darts · 3 minutes ago

What a tension! Humphries again has chances to win the competition, but Wattimena keeps his head cool. It is the same again: 3-3 .

WK darts · 5 minutes ago

Wattimena gets a chance to break, but he doesn't throw 122 out. Humphries is in the lead again: 2-3 .

WK darts · 7 minutes ago

Humphries gets the chance to decide the game, but he doesn't know how to throw it out. Wattimena is. The Dutchman brings the score to 2-2 .

WK darts · 9 minutes ago

Humphries also retains its own leg. It is 1-2 in the fifth set.

WK darts · 10 minutes ago

It is right again. Wattimena takes his own leg and brings the score to 1-1 .

WK darts · 11 minutes ago

Humphries starts the decisive set well. He takes a 0-1 lead.

WK darts · 13 minutes ago

Humphries wins the fourth set. The fifth set must therefore bring the decision.

WK darts · 14 minutes ago

Humphries breaks Wattimena and takes the lead in the fourth set: 1-2 .

WK darts · 16 minutes ago

Humphries does not give up yet and takes the second leg of the fourth set: 1-1

WK darts · 18 minutes ago

We will immediately continue with the fourth set. Wattimena is one more set away from a place in the third round and immediately takes the first leg: 1-0 .

World Cup darts · 19 minutes ago

Wattimena takes the third set and is in a 2-1 lead.

WK darts · 20 minutes ago

Wattimena throws out 110 and breaks Humphries. It is 2-1 in the third set.

WK darts · 22 minutes ago

Wattimena draws the score in the third set: 1-1

WK darts · 24 minutes ago

The first leg of the third set is for Humphries: 0-1

WK darts · 26 minutes ago

Humphries raises his average considerably in the second set. He throws no less than four times 180 and now has an average of 102.55. Jermaine Wattimena has also thrown his first 180 and stands at an average of 91.83.

WK darts · 29 minutes ago

The second set is already over, but we look back to the first set. Jermaine Wattimena got off the starting blocks and won the first set 3-0.

UPDATE | Jermaine Wattimena is flying out of the starting blocks. He wins the first set 3-0. #darts # rtl7darts

Avatar Author RTL7DartsMoment of places16: 52 - December 14, 2019

WK darts · 30 minutes ago

Humphries takes the second set. The position is completely in balance again: 1-1

WK darts · 31 minutes ago

Humphries has a taste for it. He breaks Wattimena and takes a 1-2 lead in the second set.

WK darts · 32 minutes ago

Very strong lay for Humphries. With, among other things, two times 180 he draws the score again in the second set: 1-1

WK darts · 33 minutes ago

Wattimena misses a number of chances to throw out the leg, but still wins it. He throws out 40 and keeps his own leg. It is 1-0 in the second set.

WK darts · 38 minutes ago

This was the rise of Jermaine Wattimena for the match against Luke Humphries. The Dutchman is already leading 1-0.

WK darts · 39 minutes ago

The first set passes by at breakneck speed. Wattimena breaks Humphries twice and leads 1-0 in sets.

WK darts · 41 minutes ago

Wattimena keeps his own leg and comes 2-0 in the first set.

WK darts · 43 minutes ago

Wattimena wins the first leg. 1-0 in the first set for the Dutchman.

World Cup darts · one hour ago

It is time for the Jermaine Wattimena party. The Dutchman takes on Luke Humphries. For Wattimena it is his sixth World Cup participation. He never got further than the last 32.

World Cup darts · one hour ago

Luke Woodhouse has no trouble with Paul Lim in the first round of the World Cup darts. The Englishman wins 3-0. The first Dutchman of the day will take action in ten minutes. Jermaine Wattimena takes on Luke Humphries.

World Cup darts · 2 hours ago

In a match between two debutants, the Japanese Yuki Yamada is the strongest. He won 3-1 against Ryan Meikle.

World Cup darts · 3 hours ago

The first game of the day has already been played at the World Cup darts. Darius Labanauskas beats Matthew Edgar 3-0.

LABANAUSKAS WINS! Darius Labanauskas is on to the next round. The Lithuanian darter defeated Matthew Edgar 3-0. #darts # rtl7darts

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World Cup darts · 4 hours ago

Nentjes: 'Don't take darts seriously enough'
Geert Nentjes was remarkably cheerful after his defeat to Kim Huybrechts in the first round of the World Cup darts in London. The 21-year-old Urker was already happy that he had resisted his opponent well and had turned it into an exciting match. "I don't actually take the game as seriously as I should. I am one of the youngest participants and I am still in school. Other boys my age have a big study debt and I have already thrown together a nice pocket."

World Cup darts · 6 hours ago

Michael van Gerwen burst out crying at the press conference yesterday after his victory (3-1) over Jelle Klaasen in the first round of the World Cup darts in London. The defending champion said he hated his countryman because of a past event.

Van Gerwen in tears after loaded World Cup duel with Klaasen

Darts · 7 hours ago

Van Barneveld is planning a farewell tour
Raymond van Barneveld announces on his Facebook to say goodbye next year to do something different than planned. "Because many people thought it was a shame that my farewell only takes place in Amsterdam, I came up with the following: I am going on a farewell tour! I am joining the Kings Of Darts and in that way I will also have my saying goodbye. " The Kings Of Darts takes place on January 24, 26 and 28 in Den Bosch, Enschede and Groningen. "Barney Dome on February 8 remains the absolute capstone of my career."

World Cup darts · 8 hours ago

Read the full interview with reporter Jeroen Bijma with Raymond van Barneveld here.

World Cup darts · 8 hours ago

"If I have to sign for reaching the final and then lose it, I will do so immediately. Can you see how desperate I am? I have never called this in my entire life, but this year will make you realistic "I have to prepare myself for it to be a great World Cup. Do the things I did as a seventeen-year-old boy in the attic room. Maybe the passion and the faith will come back." (3/3)

World Cup darts · 8 hours ago

"This life pulls everything out of me. Every time I have those depressions. If you keep losing, I can keep going for a while, but not years. My last major title (the Premier League of Darts, ed.) Dates from 2014. Believe me, today we live in a society that revolves around winning. I have been walking around this world for the last five years with the idea that I no longer belonged. " (2/3)

World Cup darts · 8 hours ago

Van Barneveld: "It might be better this way"
Raymond van Barneveld starts his last tournament in his career today. Just before the start of the World Cup darts in London, NUsport spoke with the five-time world champion. "I had to give up all year for my last World Cup. It hurts so much that I didn't qualify for everything to be able to say goodbye to people, but it might also be better if I went to one of those tournaments had performed well, I thought about going on for another year. " (1/3)

World Cup darts · 8 hours ago

This is the program for today in London:

From 1.30 pm
First round (best of 5 sets)
Darius Labanauskas-Matthew Edgar
Ryan Meikle-Yuki Yamada
Luke Woodhouse-Paul Lim

Second round (best of 5 sets)
Jermaine Wattimena (18) - Luke Humphries

From 8 p.m.
First round (best of 5 sets)
Mark McGeeney-Matt Campbell
Jamie Hughes-Zoran Lerchbacher
Raymond van Barneveld-Darin Young

Second round (best of 5 sets)
Rob Cross (2) - Kim Huybrechts

World Cup darts · 8 hours ago

Van Gerwen explains why he hates Klaasen
Michael van Gerwen started crying at the press conference after his victory (3-1) over Jelle Klaasen in the first round of the World Cup darts in London. The defending champion said he hated his countryman because of a past event. Klaasen was sentenced to a 16-hour community service in 2012 and a fine of 400 euros for having sent a number of nude photos of himself to a minor girl. Van Gerwen revealed on Friday that the girl in question is his family. (1/3)

World Cup darts · 9 hours ago

"If someone sends something like that to my wife's sister, while she was fourteen and has a disability, you will break. I will never be able to give it a place and I will never forgive him," says Van Gerwen about Klaasen. "It happened a long time ago, but it's all coming up again. Jelle and I were so close to each other in the past. We saw each other five days a week, did everything together. That's about of course. I like him not to the bone. " (2/3)

World Cup darts · 9 hours ago

Van Gerwen and Klaasen did not shake hands on the podium before and after the match. They walked past each other and did not want each other to look at each other. "Jelle does not deserve respect, so I am not going to give him a hand. I think that the people who accuse me of unsporting behavior are doing well now that they know what has happened in the past," Van Gerwen explained. "I thought it would be easier for myself, but it was very hard for me to face him. I was constantly thinking about it." (3/3)

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