Bring your travelogue to life with Polarsteps and get a nostalgic music experience with Rewound.


The Polarsteps travel app adds a much needed feature this week. From now on you can - in addition to photos and written text - also add videos to your travelogue. You will have to cut into long films, because the video must last between three and sixty seconds. The built-in video trimmer makes it easy to shorten a video.

Polarsteps is a Dutch app in which you make travel reports. The app automatically follows your route, so that your report is automatically updated to a large extent. For example, the app maps a route on a map. When you get home, you can turn your entire trip into a photo album afterwards with the push of a button.

Download Polarsteps for iOS and Android (free)


View the Polarsteps introduction trailer here

Chirp for Twitter

Chirp is a Twitter app specially made for the Apple Watch. The app puts your entire Twitter timeline on your wrist, so you can stay up to date with the latest news without your iPhone. The app also supports photos and videos.

The app has been updated for watchOS 6, making it a lot smoother and making browsing your timeline easier. The app also supports the Dutch language, which makes it slightly more accessible. After downloading, log in to your Twitter account via your iPhone and then install the app on your Apple Watch.

With Chirp you also have access to your personal messages and after purchase you can unlock additional functions within the app, such as sharing tweets, support for dark mode and a built-in search function. Chirp is free to download and try.

Download Chirp for Twitter for iOS (free)


Give your iPhone a classic look with the Rewound app, an app that turns your iPhone into an iPod Classic. The touchscreen of your smartphone then makes way for the classic 'click wheel' of the iPod and a small screen at the top of the screen. For this you need to download a skin, with which the app helps you step by step.

By not placing an iPod 'click wheel' as standard in the app in this way, Rewound Apple is circumventing strict rules regarding the use of Apple designs. After setting up the app you have access to your albums, artists, songs and playlists.

Rewound currently only supports Apple Music, but the developer promises that Spotify will soon be added to the app with an update. Rewound is free to download and use.

Download Rewound for iOS (free)