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A year ago Pedro Volta was about to die while performing a street performance in which he plunged into a water tank with a straitjacket and in which he had to take off his straitjacket, take some keys, open several locks and get out of the tank On that occasion he spent four minutes in cardiorespiratory arrest after losing consciousness within a minute and a half of being submerged. History repeated itself last night, this time in the last semifinal of Got Talent .

The illusionist played the pass to the final of the talent repeating the same show that almost cost him his life. Pedro Volta submerged himself with his straitjacket in the water tank, managed to get rid of it, take the keys, open one of the locks, but past the threshold of a minute and a half, Volta could not continue , took his head down the On top of the tank, he took a breath and, again, lost consciousness before the panic of the public and the jury of Got Talent , Paz Padilla, Risto Mejide, Dani Martínez and Edurne, who saw how the emergency services had to attend him quickly after suffering a syncope .

Between convulsions, trying to catch air, members of the program team held his head while asking him to remain calm and catch air. Their relatives, among the public, and the public itself could not believe what they were seeing. After a few moments where he was feared for the life of the illusionist , the emergency team manages to regain consciousness and leave the tank by his own foot.

Edurne looked away , Paz Padilla stood in anguished foot, Dani Martinez held her breath and Risto Mejide looked away to not see what everyone else feared. Finally, and after receiving oxygen, Pedro Volta stood up, but he still needed some time to recover. Pedro Volta submerged himself again, took the straitjacket and threw it out of the already recovered tank and after almost two minutes underwater.

"Well, now I'm fine. It's a very difficult challenge , and I've been about to get it. I've tried to endure more time to do more timing. Everything was controlled, don't worry. I don't play my life , in this case because I have a great team of professionals and we have worked for a month and a half. What I can tell you is that I am not going to do this number because I think I have achieved the most important thing, to overcome my fear. I have gotten here and I have done it . Magic is a wonderful art, magicians are not crazy, we try to overcome ourselves. And most importantly, that the magician wants to surprise the public and go a little further, "said the illusionist once the medical team confirmed that he was well .

The first to assess his performance was Risto Mejide, who could not value the number because "you play life." "You are old enough to know what you want to do with your life. I am not excited to play your life, but I respect that you want to do it and explore the limits of the human body. You deserved to have overcome that challenge, " he said.

While Edurne could only tell him that he had a very bad time and that before the challenge began he had a feeling that something was going to happen. "There is no need . "

Volta said that his intention was not to win a program, but to overcome the fear of this challenge after having been about to die. However, he repeated again that he was not going to do it anymore, but that he wanted to teach his 9-year-old daughter that fears must be overcome, which started the applause of the public still shocked because what had just happened.

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