A wild boar appeared in an apartment in Ulsan this morning. I broke through the front door of the apartment, wandered around, and it was almost time for children to go to kindergarten, which would have led to a big accident.

I'm a UBC crew reporter.


A wild boar runs and enters the front door of the apartment.

A wild boar that broke the door but couldn't get inside, once again enters the front door.

The main entrance fell out due to the shock, and the wild boar entered the first floor of the apartment and wandered around.

Today, at about 9:30 am, a wild boar appeared in an apartment in Dong-gu.

[Kim Ji-heon / Apartment Manager: I was very surprised. It wasn't a joke to see the residents coming here with me. It was serious.]

Fortunately, there were no casualties, but it was just a few minutes away from the time when the children gathered to attend the class.

The wild boar wandering in the apartment complex went down the road to the back door of the apartment and disappeared into the mountains.

This wild boar struck two front doors, costing two million won worth of property.

The law states that compensation for life and crop damage due to the emergence of wild animals, such as wild boars, is possible.

Three wild locusts and firefighters were dispatched to catch the wild boar, but the wild boar failed to capture because it entered a nearby military unit.

(Video coverage: Ahn Jae-young UBC, CG: Park Hwan-heum)