About half of the forest fires erupted at Baekseok Mountain in Najeon-ri, Bupyeong-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do last night.

According to forestry authorities and firefighting authorities, such as the Eastern Forest Service, the rate of evolution has reached 50%, with national forests of more than 20,000m2 burning as of December 12. Currently, there is a forest fire band of 150m near the summit of Mt.

At first, the wind had a hard time extinguishing the fire, but the wind was slowing down at night and the air pressure was low to prevent the spread of forest fires. At the site of the fire, wind is blowing at a speed of 2 to 3 meters per second and the humidity is said to be about 50 to 60%.

Authorities are evolving with more than 160 personnel, including forest fire extinguishing and seven helicopters.

As a result of checking through the ground video transmission device that can check on-site situation in real time, it is expected that the flame can be evolved in an early time because the flames are not spreading but only smoke.

The forest fire at Baekseok Mountain occurred at 7:18 pm the day before, and spreaded to the top, forming a band of about 200m. I had a hard time evolving.

(Image editing: Kim Hee-sun)