On the day of the hearing of former Minister of the Republic of Korea, the court did not accept a request for a change of prosecution from the prosecution regarding the allegation of Professor Chung Kyung-Shim's forgery of Dongyang University commendation, which had to be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations. The prosecution scolded the prosecution for being too different from the original prosecution, and the prosecution objected to the court's decision.

This is reporter Kim Ki-tae.


This is why the court did not accept the request for permission to change the prosecution's complaint.

The court said, "In the first complaint, he wrote that he conspired with the injured at Dongyang University on September 7, 2012, but when he was further prosecuted, he stated that he conspired with his daughter in Chung's residence in June 2013." I can't accept the same.

Although the citation and the guilt seem to be the same in appearance, it does not meet any legal standards recognized as such as accomplice, date, time, place, method and purpose.

Professor Chung said, "The prosecution was in a hurry to prosecute outside the law for political judgment."

The prosecution says the court's decision is unfair, but it will consider a separate prosecution of allegations of counterfeiting.

The first indictment is likely to be innocent, and the court will consider the case as a separate prosecution as the court sees it as a separate case.

Aside from the refusal to change the case, the court said it was unfair for the prosecution not to give the case records to Professor Chung.