As fine dust has risen, emergency reduction measures have been expanded to nine cities and provinces including Busan and Daegu, as well as the metropolitan area and Chungbuk. From the Midwest, fine dust levels have risen again to very bad levels. High concentration of fine dust is said to be gradually resolved from night.

Reporter Ahn Young-in reports.


The whole country is trapped in fine dust.

In particular, the ultrafine dust concentration in the Seoul metropolitan area and Chungcheong area has risen to around 100㎍ per ㎥.

Very bad, with up to four times as much dust as the annual average.

The Ministry of Environment forecasts that high levels of fine dust will be found throughout the day as domestic and foreign fine dust accumulates due to atmospheric congestion.

As a result, emergency reduction measures in the Seoul metropolitan area and Chungbuk were expanded to nine cities and provinces, including Chungnam, Sejong, Busan, Daegu, and Gangwon Yeongseo.

The two-vehicle system will be implemented for administrative and public organizations in areas where emergency reduction measures are issued.

Odd Days Only vehicles with an odd number on the end of the vehicle number can be operated today.

In Seoul, parking lots for administrative and public institutions are closed.

Emissions Class 5 vehicles are restricted.

The Ministry of Environment forecasts that high dust will gradually be eliminated as the cold wind blows at night, and tomorrow, the concentration of fine dust in the country will be from 'good' to 'normal'.