Vodafone will definitively shut down its 3G internet from 4 February 2020, VodafoneZiggo announced on Tuesday. According to the company, this is necessary to make more capacity available for the faster and more stable 4G internet.

The extra capacity is needed according to the company because of the "rapidly increasing data consumption of customers on the 4G network". Because the majority of customers use 4G, it is more efficient to free up the 3G frequency space for this.

Since the end of 2017, Vodafone no longer sells subscriptions and telephones that are not suitable for 4G. Customers who have a phone without 4G support but want to continue to use fast internet will have to buy a new phone.

Customers with an older phone can also continue to use the even slower 2G network. This is something that is compromised on sound quality while calling. Vodafone offers customers with a SIM card that is not suitable for 4G the possibility to exchange it for free.

Vodafone has been informing customers about the phase-out of the 3G network for two years and previously announced that it would stop using 3G in January of next year. The final date has now been set for 4 February 2020.