The Brexit and the farmers' protests are among the most commonly used hashtags on Twitter in 2019, the social medium announced on Monday. The list is led by #dtv (dare to ask), with which Twitter users let themselves know not to be ashamed to ask a question.

The three hashtags knock out the number one of 2017 and 2018 from its top position. In the past two years, #vacature was the most used hashtag on Twitter. That hashtag can now be found in fourth place.

Most used hashtags on Twitter in the Netherlands:

  • #dtv
  • #brexit
  • # farmer protest
  • #job offer
  • #Ajax
  • #eurovision
  • # esf19
  • #fvd
  • #mytwitteranniversary
  • #pride

Twitter has measured the most popular hashtags in the period from January 1 to November 15. The company does not want to say how often the concerned hashtags have been used in the Netherlands.

Notre-Dame most popular news-related hashtag

In 2019, #NotreDame was the most popular news-related hashtag worldwide. A large fire raged in the Paris cathedral in April, destroying the roof and part of the interior.

Other popular hashtags were the Japanese characters 令 和, which inaugurated the Reiwa era on 1 May. A new era starts when Japan gets a new emperor. The global top five is further filled by Venezuela, Brexit and 台風 19 号 (Hagibis), the typhoon that ravaged Japan in October.

Most used hashtags on Twitter worldwide:

  • #NotreDame
  • # 令 和
  • #Venezuela
  • #Brexit
  • # 台風 19 号 (Hagibis)
  • #PrayForAmazonia
  • #Hong-Kong
  • #ClimateStrike
  • #Christchurch
  • #DemDebate