While the mobilization against pension reform continues, especially in public transport, traders are worried about the approach of Christmas. The shops are empty since Thursday. One year after the start of the yellow vests, they admit they are worn out by the situation.


Traffic at SNCF and RATP will still be very disturbed in Ile-de-France this weekend. And the mobilization against the pension reform could still last. A few weeks of Christmas, traders are worried. The streets are deserted, the roads poorly served. They fear for their end of the year. "There, the strikes, last year, it was the yellow vests At some point, we are worn, we do not know what will be tomorrow," laments Isabelle. She runs a baby toy store in the 15th arrondissement. Her shop has been hopelessly empty since Thursday, and she's going black.

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"People are a little tense"

She fears that this strike will weigh on her end of the year and put on the local residents. "The people in the area will not be able to move around so I hope they stay here and we can save Saturday and Sunday." A few meters away, Edouard, a wine merchant, is in the same situation. For him the problem is deeper than the strike: the French consume less and less. "It's a little complicated, people are a little tense, compared to attendance, we are about -20.25% compared to last year, I would like it to start this weekend and that it does not stop until the end of December. "

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In shopping centers, like Beaugrenelle in the same borough, the situation is the same. Note that major brands can still compensate with sales on the internet. In this video game store, the weekend promises to be calm. "We are very poorly served because of the line 10 which is completely cut off", explains this salesman. "We are going to have to change the schedule completely, we are preparing for the post-strike, we put the store back on stream". In all the shops, the same reflex: we rearrange the windows, adjust the displays, promotions promotions. It will not be missed the few customers who will come out this weekend.