Radboud University Nijmegen has been the target of a DDOS attack five times in the last two weeks. This is confirmed by a university spokesperson at NU.nl after reporting in AD Friday. One exam had to be canceled due to the attacks.

In a DDOS attack, a large amount of traffic is sent to a server of a website in a short time. This can make a website very slow or even go completely offline.

The first attack took place on Wednesday, November 27. Then it happened four more times. The network was therefore just inaccessible for just under an hour.

Due to the cyber attack it was not possible for the Computer Science study on November 29 to take the digital test. "Very unfortunate", the university calls it opposite the AD . "We are now looking for another suitable moment for the exam to take place." The university intends to report the attacks.

Not the first DDOS attacks for the university

In the week of September 24, the university was also the target of two cyber attacks. The university therefore does not exclude the possibility of more attacks coming in the coming period, a spokesperson told the AD .

"In the coming period, students and staff must take into account temporary disruptions to campus information provisioning. We are currently working on a structural solution. However, this is going step by step. A team is also on hand to address any problems that may arise. to solve ", the university said.